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10/05/2012…..last time i saw ur face…so much i needed to say, wanted to say, but I didn’t because of what I found out. What you did, said, behind my back…that’s why I didn’t try to fight. That is all I ever did when we were married was fight for us…I just wanted you to love me…for me…now I am just here…working..traumatized too much to even think of having any relationship with anyone else..Sad but true…I don’t deserve anything you have ever said or did to me…but that’s ok…maybe someday…maybe I’ll be able to smile again…Im still in love with you and all your eccentricities and there is nothing I can do about it…sad but true…I just deal with it and go on about my life.  I remember when you said I wouldn’t be able to pay for all the bills by myself, etc etc..and now I make enough to pay my bills and all your bills too! See that was my plan..I wanted so bad to be a DISP, but I knew you would hate it, less time for us..But we would have more money to buy things to enjoy life, like business ideas we had, route 66, pontoon boat, etc etc..But that’s all gone now..I always loved you for who you are, not what you can give me. But yet somehow I was with you for your money? What money? you made only $250 more than I did? You started to change in 2012..around March….I felt more alone than being single..Look at me wanted what you wanted, I gave it to you..that’s all that ever mattered to me was making you happy, cause that’s what made me happy. I loved trying new things with you, even though I thought I may not like it, but I did it and had fun. Everywhere we went…everything we did, whatever…You are so crazy in a good way and yousay things you shouldn’t but I understand you like no one else does…you could always be yourself with me…Hope you’re happy..i care about your happiness, even if I’m not the one you want or need. I just hope someday I’ll get there…



Not the best audio/video..but i’m gonna leave it

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